Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Garden birthday

Pooka asked for another garden party this year, and while we did make it a more hippie tye dye party, it still had to have a garden in it somewhere. Below is a few things Pooka got to help her with the garden this year. I did get quite a few questions on what to get a Pooka, and I told them money to a garden center or garden stuff. Pooka did walk away with 2 gift cards to the local home center, that I am sure she will put to use in her new bed if she doesn't decide to use them for a new berry bush.
Pooka's birthday gifts
Pooka received this book from Daddy and I called the little gardener's guide. She has since read it multiple times and enjoys flipping through it. Next to it are 2 little "mod pots" that connect together and are seed starters for a tomato plant and a cucumber plant. Anyone shocked to see more seeds in a Pooka's birthday haul?
For her birthday, Pooka was also given money to Toys R Us. Leave it to my little scientist gardener to find the one plant in the entire store, especially one that is science related. I am sure this will be pulled out any day to be re-animated and when we do it, I promise to take pictures for all of you.

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