Tuesday, February 18, 2014

White white, Thunder white

Yesterday was another wonderful winter storm, that closed everything. Even Daddy came home early from work. Personally, I am so over winter. I am not a winter lover by any stretch of the imagination. It is nice to a point, it gives a nice break from Pooka's garden, one I am very ready for by the time October comes. I am grateful for different seasons and the occasional snow day when I am tired of going to work. However, after 7 snow days for the kiddos, and an extra one for me from work, I am ready to find a nice balance. I would love to have a routine instead of guessing what tomorrow is.
The garden all winter.
Now, I will admit the thunder snow yesterday was a bit fun even if it came with another 4" of snow. The comment I heard from a friend about it being "Thor beating up on Jack Frost" was a giggle. Honestly, I wish someone would beat up Mr. Frost and Old Man winter.

However, this winter will teach me a few things. Like which plants if any will survive in the herb garden over the winter with no care. I didn't put that bed to sleep before winter hit, so if anything lives, I will know it will take no work in the future. It will teach me where the drafts in my house are so we can insulate them this year. Mostly, I think it will teach myself and Pooka to enjoy the nicer months just a bit longer.

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