Friday, February 21, 2014

Dino Plant

A while back, I took Pooka and Brother to Toys R Us to get some toys with christmas money. Well, low and behold, Pooka found a plant in there. That girl can sniff out a plant at 200 yards. The weirder thing was it was NOT in the clearance rack I took her to. 
The Dino plant.
Needless to say, Pooka finally asked to open that box a few days ago. Its a really interesting set up and it had a nice little blurb on the back about the plant and how it survives and that it can handle Mom forgetting to water it (They know me so well). It even talked about it use to grow GIANT size for the dinos, but after the ice age, it tended to be smaller. 
Story on the back for Pooka
 Pooka opened her box with a few more directions, this is what she found, two bags and a bowl. I will  be honest when I say I had to tell Pooka to back off for a moment so I could get a picture.
Contents of the box
 The rocks form a circle in the middle of the bowl for the plant to rest on. Pooka was very interested when the directions said these were volcanic rocks, so I explained how that meant they were rocks out of a volcano.
A circle by Pooka
 Then you add the plant which is this weird little root ball and some water and wait. Now, I will say the directions did not say how much water, so we kinda guessed.
Now we wait
 I think I spent an hour trying to keep Pooka from checking it every 30 seconds. I finally convinced her that in 3 hours like the box said, it would look great, and it did. Even if that 3 hours was really the next morning. Pooka loves it and is reminding me to water it. Then we will let it dry out eventually and it will shrivel back up. Once that happens, we will give it some time before doing it again. I am sure this will be on of Pooka's favorite winter plants.
A full dino plant. 

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