Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas for Pooka

So Santa and our families have been very good to Pooka.

Not only did Pooka get her own gift certificate for the local nursery, but she also got some new seeds from Santa. I swear that was her favorite gift from Santa. Santa brought her more of her Chinese 5 color pepper seeds, some red romaine, a type of blue podded peas, a shiny purple striped eggplant and some tomato blueberries that are suppose to turn a pretty purple color. As we all know when your 6, you can't have food be normal colors. Half the fun of growing it is growing blue peas instead of green.
Seeds from Santa

Her aunt and uncle and grandparents both got her a lady bug habitat. Maybe this will help with the aphid problem we had on the milkweed last year. I suppose I should get to ordering the babies for it.
I think we will be raising lady bugs
Maybe while I am at it, I will reorder her praying mantis egg sacks. Hopefully we will have better luck with them this time. 

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