Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good to know

Well, I think I killed the amaryllis from last year. At the end of last summer I cut them back like I had seen done on the internet. We placed them in the garage to get cold and go dormant.
The amaryllis when I brought them in the house. 
We brought them in a month or more ago. We watered them and set them in a warm sunny spot. Hoping that maybe we would get some color out of them. We waited, and waited and waited and I am finally calling it. We have not seen a bit of change in any of them. Pooka is more then a bit upset, but I knew it was maybe 50-50 if this would work. Well, at least we tried. Next year, we will just have to make sure Pooka gets a new one to replace these.
The amaryllis now. 

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