Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mail call

Pooka has been excitedly checking the mail of late. Twice now, she has checked the mail to find little pick me ups from all the cold weather coming in. I will say Pooka has taken this extend winter the hardest and is quite tired of me asking if she is warm enough. She has asked numerous times how much longer winter is. To her, a little pick me ups come in the form of the "S word" seeds.

First came most of our order from Territorial Seed co. All we are missing is our blue corn, but Pooka's new container watermelons came as well as some jalapenos for Daddy and our families new discovery of leeks. We found out last year we liked them so we decided to grow them ourselves. Pooka is so excited to grow watermelons and I am curious if they will do okay in a pot or not. Daddy has forbidden melons and pumpkins from going in the ground, and I agreed since we just don't have that kind of space.
Seeds galore
 Another order that came in were from Burpee. We only got 2 new kinds of seeds, Daddy's beloved cubanelle peppers which he loves eating in everything. Cubanelles are a sweet pepper, mostly known for frying to put on like steak sandwiches and things. We are also trying a new variety of tomato called Pink Brandywine which is suppose to be a bigger paste tomato good for canning. Pooka was so excited she took the pictures.
Burpee seeds with Pooka's picture
I will say Pooka  was much happier with the Territorial seeds since they came in such a pretty package. What can I say, when your 6, you want colors and pictures to know what they are. Now I need to get ready to start all these seeds and find a place to put them. But that is a problem for another day. For now, we are just going to pretend that spring is coming faster.

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