Monday, July 14, 2014

Fairy Garden

A few weeks ago, Daddy and I embarked on a huge project for the house. New floors in the downstairs. This was one of those rare projects that just fights us at every turn and Pooka and Brother were real troopers for the whole thing. They behaved and didn't complain about not getting to do much outside or having to eat out for almost every meal. Brother hates dust and chaos, and this had both, and Pooka was in there trying to help where she was allowed. We were so proud we gave them both something special on a Sunday. Brother went with Daddy for guy time and I surprised Pooka by taking her to the Fairy Tea and Garden Party our favorite nursery was hosting that weekend. 

Pooka had no idea what was going on when we got there, and actually looked at me and said "You could of asked me if I wanted to come." I told her we could leave, and she said "No, I want to be here, but can you please ask next time so I am ready for it." Fair enough my dear. 

A fairy headband
They had a fair amount of girls, and they had pink tea (Pooka had hoped for purple) and fruit and veggies. Pooka even asked the fairy that came to tea, Fairy Kirsten if she knew Green Thumb. Fairy Kirsten did know Green Thumb, but not very well, she admitted. But after Pooka taught the fairy about all the kinds of basil and herbs she grew, Fairy Kirsten told her she would have to call Green Thumb as soon as she got back to her fairy house and get Pooka's address to come visit. Fairy Kirsten even gave each girl their own little fairy headband. Pooka was just happy her butterfly wasn't pink. I am sure she could of swapped if that was the case. 

After the girls had eaten, they did a small craft on making butterflies and they even found some glitter for them. I will admit I cringed at the glitter since I really didn't want it, but Pooka was in a "shiny moment" and was all over it. Once the butterflies were made, they told Pooka if it was okay with me she could make a fairy garden. I had brought a clearance pot just for that, and I let her go to town. The nursery was wonderful and gave us dirt and sand and pebbles and moss, but we did have to pay for the plants and anything else (and gave us a discount as well). Pooka had picked out a cute little fairy holding a basket and a butterfly. She was being a Pooka and was more interested in getting more plants. I swear she couldn't of squished anymore plants in that pot if she had tried. Then Fairy Kirsten came over and asked if Pooka wanted more "Fairy dust" for her garden, and Pooka asked her to fill up the basket the fairy was holding. Pooka was so excited and wanted to carry her garden out. After having seen a couple of fairies not make it to the parking lot, I carried her home safely and Pooka asked to put it on a bakers rack in the kitchen where it is her job to water it. Pooka then asked if we could go back and get a little bunny and an owl for her fairy garden (which I gave into when we went on 50% off weekend). 
Pooka's fairy garden
Pooka had a wonderful time, even if she was shy at first. She has since started making a point to go say hi to all the staff when she is there, since they made it so fun. It is always good to see her learn its okay to talk to people and have a bit of a "girls" moment, and it was a great way for me to say "Thank you for putting up with everything" at the same time.

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