Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We didn't see this coming

It never ceases to surprise me or Pooka how Mother Nature doesn't give up. We went outside the other day to harvest and found that the confused blueberry had suddenly waited till the end of June to start getting leaves. Pooka just went "Mommy, it has leaves" And they are not small leaves, but you can tell its the first tenative leaves of spring.

Surprise leaves
It had a couple green tips begining to appear. Maybe this blueberry plant isn't dead yet. We are going to leave it alone and see if it can get itself strong enough to survive the summer and maybe even the winter. 
I am trying to be alive
Sadly, the probably dead blueberry is dead dead. It breaks instead of bends and has the look of a dead plant. So we pulled it and are saving the pot to replant something else into. At least we didn't lose them both to the polar vortex. 
It's dead Jim, take it's pot. 

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