Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garlic Test Harvest

A few days ago, Daddy and I saw some of the garlic had died back. Not all of it, but a good test pull as we called it. Daddy was so anxious to see what the garlic was doing. He and Pooka tell me they are tempted to pull it to see what it is doing.
Garlic ready for harvest
We ended up pulling out about 4 plants. Not a huge test but it was a start. We only pulled the ones that had fallen over and were almost completely brown. Pooka loves harvesting garlic since it gives her an excuse to play in the dirt. The downside is that you have to be super careful (which Pooka isn't always) so you don't destroy the bulb. One bulb got squished and then rotted before we could use it. Oops. We had 2 very good sized garlic bulbs out of our test pulls. Daddy was happy they were the size we would find at a store. We had one smaller one but those are just as good for drying and cooking. Pooka loved just getting to pull them out and helping me tie them together to dry.
Test harvest
On one plant we found this weird growth in the stem of the plant. I broke it (which is why I wanted the bulb to pull) and it had these little mini cloves of garlic in it. I guess I didn't get all the scapes. I have seen one or 2 other plants with these growths. I will have to plant the "garlic seed" as we have taken to calling it and see what it does next year. They smell like garlic. Have you any idea what these are?
"Garlic Seed" maybe

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