Monday, July 28, 2014

Making the bed

This year we tried to start most of Pooka's pollinator bed by seed. It didn't work. Either I pulled them all thinking they were weeds, or they didn't come up through the mulch. Either way, her bed was looking a bit empty.
I took Pooka, Brother and her friend E to the nursery one day. I told her I would buy her a couple of plants and she could buy herself a couple of plants for the bed. Pooka rushed to get her money so she could buy what she wanted. We ended up getting quite a few plants. One of the nursery staff asked if we needed a cart, and I said no thank you since the rule is we have to carry what we take out. This prevents anyone from getting too ahead of themselves. Pooka bought herself a hollyhock and a daisy (since she is in daisies after all Mom.)  I then bought another chamomile for the herb garden, as well as a Dragon's head and Carpathian bell plant. 
Nursery run haul
Pooka and I planted them the next day when it was just the two of us. She loved getting to lay them in her garden and dig holes. I will say that can be a challenge since their are some tree roots under her bed from a nearby tree. In the end, she was rather happy with it, and made sure that each plant would attract either hummingbirds and/or butterflies. She will be so upset if she doesn't see a hummingbird this year.
All in

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