Friday, July 11, 2014

July 1st pictures

I know this is a bit behind, but the 1st of the month pictures need put up. I swear they were taken on the first, I just haven't had a chance to upload them. I am lucky we are slowly catching up on all that is behind here. I guess me taking the summer off is paying off finally. 

Pollinator garden
Pooka's pollinator/humming bird garden. It looks a empty. I don't think the seeds liked having the mulch dropped on them or I may of accidentally pulled the seedlings thinking they were weeds. I guess I need to go back to the nursery for more plants.

Garlic bed
The garlic is quickly dying back. I have spent about 10 minutes a day out there most days lately just harvesting garlic, so even since this picture, its starting to clear out. Although the sight of all these beautiful bulbs of garlic in the garage drying has made it very worth it.

Herb bed part 1

Oh the herb bed looks more then a bit overgrown. I have been handing tarragon and some other herbs (sage and thyme) to anyone who stops by for more then 30 seconds. I have finally trimmed the tarragon back to a more manageable size, but come spring, I think him and the thyme are going to get split up and handed out to people with a "PLEASE TAKE IT" beg. 

Herb bed part 2
Well, it is official, the lilac in this bed is dead dead. I had hoped it would hold on, but it just didn't. At least the basil and the garlic make it look less sad, and once all the garlic is out, I will pulling the lilac.  Pooka and I have one more hope for a Gremo lilac and we are going to wait till spring to move it. The death peppers are also doing well. One went giant sized and has peppers on it while the rest have struggled a tad.

The sunflowers are much smaller this year than in previous years, mostly due to their very late start. They will sprint up in no time with all this rain, but I do need to get over there and weed again.


The onions are doing fairly well. They have fallen over but re not dead yet. The weeds are bad around the bed, but thats due more to our broken weed whacker. Daddy let the smoke out so we have been a bit behind on trimming. But the onions are looking good

Brandywine, rainbow cherry and fireball tomatoes

The brandywine, rainbow cherry and fireball tomatoes are all doing well. They have since had a custom cage put around them, and are growing well. I have seen tomatoes on both the cherry and the fireballs, and I think our first fireball should be ready anytime. I really need to get better at starting these seeds at the right time, but I think the cool weather isn't helping them either.

Tomatoes, a sugar pea  and sweet peppers

The fireball tomatoes are growing pretty much on top of some sugar peas. Brother is happy to get "normal" peas and Pooka just likes the extra snacks. We have some peppers forming on the pepper plants, so here is to having home grown peppers soon. I am so tired of store bought.
Peppers and purple peas

The cubanelle pepper plants are actually fairly small, but they are starting to flower and the purple pea plant here is holding its own against the heat fairly well. Pooka loves going out to harvest her purple peas and I am glad since we can get up to 2 oz every few days.
Beefsteak tomatoes, Romas and blueberry tomatoes

The tomatoes on this side are going nuts. These had the commerical tomato cages that literally fell over onto the leaks and the grass for that matter. I was pretty sure I could lose Pooka in these plants, so we built our own custom cages. Glad to know I spent money on metal cages for nothing. At least they are good for peas and other things. We have tomatoes on everything and are watching for something to ripen.
Green beans and tomatillos

The store bought tomatillos are doing quite well and they are flowering but not yet producing more then tiny (like head of a pin) sized tomatillos. I am letting it go until it gets going better and then hopefully we will have a ton. The beans started to do well, but Mr. Wabbit has attacked them and I am trying to keep and eye on them. I may need to get out the bunny cage. Ugh.

Eggplant and hot peppers

The eggplants which are closest to the camera are doing well. The hot peppers again have peppers forming but nothing worth harvesting just yet. Here is to hoping for lots of nice hot peppers for Daddy. Daddy is already eyeing the jalapenos for making poppers with.

Purple pea, broccoli and cucumbers

The purple pea in this picture has pretty much about given up. I am going to leave it in the pot and just replant some more seeds for a fall crop. at least they will have something sturdy to climb up. The broccoli did well after fighting off the bunny but the cabbage worms have begun to attack as well. We are trying something new with it, so I am waiting to see how it goes. The cucumbers are flowering if a bit small. Hopefully I can get some cucumbers soon. I really hate buying those.

Apparently I forgot pictures of the deck and the corn and watermelon and raspberries (So all the containers), so they are just growing like mad and we may have squash and zuchini rather soon. I have even seen the beginings of a watermelon, which I will have to get pictures of

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