Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hedging bets may equal LOTS of tomatillos

This spring, I would of told you we were never going to see purple tomatillos. They didn't seem to grow well and they were rather sad looking. So I bought regular green tomatillo plants from our nursery to be sure we had something. Anything at that point would of been better then not having them at all. I had put the 3 most likely to die purple tomatillos in pots and told them to live or die but make up their minds. Pooka was rather saddened by the idea only getting verde (green, she speaks a bit of Spanish) tomatillos but when I told her I couldn't start more she accepted it.

Tomatillos decided to live
A couple of weeks ago, I went outside and realized that the tomatillo plants I had given up on had decided that they were happy as can be. They were big enough they needed to go into the ground. I had left just a small bit of space in that bed that I could put them in, so they were planted next to the green ones. Does this mean we may not get purple tomatillos? I have no idea. I am sure they will cross pollinate, but I don't know what that will mean. Until then, we are just going to wait and let them grow. Pooka was so excited to plant her purpura (purple in Spanish) tomatillos she is hoping to make one batch of purpura salsa this year. We will have to see what we get. I guess I shouldn't of given up. However, I will take this over not having any tomatillos anyday.

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