Saturday, July 20, 2013

Harvesting and saying goodbye

Let us start with the good things. On Thursday, Pooka and I realized the heat was definatly getting to her carrots. Enough so that we had to harvest the older pots of carrots. The older carrots were drying out and in some cases getting ready to bolt, so we pulled them. The carrot containers on the top are the older carrots, while the ones toward the bottom are the second sowing.
Carrots needing harvesting
I won't pretend Pooka and I were not a bit disappointed in how smaller her colored ones were. Brother's orange carrots were decent baby carrot sized, but the colored ones were a considerably smaller. However, Pooka and brother both managed to make short work of the over 10.5 oz of carrots we harvested for snack that afternoon. I am hoping the second and maybe 3rd sowing of these should get bigger as things cool off. Here is to hoping anyway. At least Pooka still got to enjoy ripping them out of the dirt and shaking them off. She was asking to eat them before I even had them washed off.
Last of the first set of carrot harvest
On the more somber/failure note, Pooka's Venus fly trap died. I have no idea what happened to it, I was keeping it well watered for quite a while, to the point it felt like I was refilling the water cup daily. I also know it got one good meal since we had killed a random fly (and it was in tact) and fed it to it. Pooka is very sad her little plant died. Especially since she bought it with her own money. I promised her we would do some more research and if she gets a new one (either buys it herself or receives it as a gift), we will try again. Until then, well it is another lesson in the cycle of life.
Goodbye fly trap

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