Saturday, July 27, 2013

Purple Peppers

Pooka has some purple peppers going from the Chinese 5 color peppers. She is so happy to see such a pretty purple color on her pepper plants. I found them while she was playing and all thoughts of her game were forgotten as she went running to the garden.
Hello purple pepper
When we went outside today there were multiple pepper starting as well as some other peppers that seemed to look a bit yellow. It looks like once these get started, they will be pretty heavy producers.
Multiple peppers
Daddy just wants to see how hot they get. He is hoping we can dehydrate them to make our own hot pepper flakes. He has held off on trying them yet, but he keeps saying he can't wait to try them. 
5 color pepper plant
I will say they are adding a nice pop of color to the front bed, but color is not exactly what we are striving for here. Hopefully they taste good as well.

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