Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starting to really see results

The garlic and the red onions were starting to look really sad. Daddy and I decided it was time to deal with them.
The red onions are done
The red onions were falling over and in some cases drying out. I could finally see how bad the weeds were. It was time to pull them.
Test bulbs
A test yank of the onions showed that we had some smaller onions. They were decent sized so we went ahead and pulled the red ones.
A bad picture of the entire harvest
The final harvest of the red onions. It doesn't look like much here, but the onions are about half the size you see at a grocery store. This works well for us since we tend to only use about half a red onion at a time. We decided to lay them out in the garage to dry/cure so we can try and store them.
Garlic is done
 The last of the garlic finally gave up. It had browned and fallen over.
The big ones have even given up
 Even the big giant plants were falling over and had given up. Daddy has been so excited to pull these. The giant garlic plants made bulbs about on par with what you would see at a grocery store. In fact, I think we will be making a point to get the garlic in the ground during the fall.  And if it sprouts early and grows over the winter, it does not seem to hurt them.
Overwintered garlic
I am comparing the overwinter garlic to the ones we had planted this spring. I had harvested them much earlier this year and they are considerably smaller then the winter garlic. The spring garlic was also from a nursery where the overwintered garlic was from a organic market. While neither ever produced the scrapes everyone talks about, I think we got our money worth from it all.
Spring garlic
All this harvesting has left us with a fairly empty bed. I am hoping to fix that today. But that is another post.

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