Monday, July 15, 2013

A friend for Cave

If you will remember, for our anniversary, Daddy gave me a lemon tree. That Pooka and I quickly named Cave Johnson. We have one very good sized lemon growing on it, and it is a great giggle to say I own a lemon tree in the middle of the Midwest.
Hello, I'm Cave Johnson
Saturday, the whole family was at Lowes for their build and grow clincs. The kids love it and its free (what can be better). Well, I had to check the clearance areas. The garden center had a huge clearance area, and one of the things on clearance - the lime tree.
"Say Hello Caroline." "Hello Caroline"
We had seen this tree on clearance before, but it was only marked down $5. I wasn't really going to pay that so I decided to wait and check again. It seems to have been a smart move since on Saturday we found the same lime tree for only $10. What a deal. Needless to say we decided to bring home a friend for Cave Johnson. This one has been named Caroline, after the secretary to Cave Johnson in the game. At least Cave won't be lonely during the winter.

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