Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keeping track

Since I just finished updating the harvest and preserving totals. I figured now might be a good time to show you how I am keeping track of everything. Let's be honest here, using the scrap of paper method does not work in this house. Goodness only knows where it would end up.

The old method
I wanted something that would be easily accessible, easy to use (so that Daddy and kids could use it) but I wouldn't have to stare at it all the time. Enter the inside of the cabinet. This cabinet is at the end of the peninsula. The scale is kept in this cabinet as well. The peninsula is also where the daily harvest seems to get dropped when it comes in from outside.
I had a couple of cork pieces hung inside the computer room closet. There was a plan for them once, but really, they never seemed to get much use. I figured they would work better for this.
reusing cork
I used double sided tape to adhere it to the door. Now in this case, I didn't have any good double sided tape laying around, however this is the same stuff we use when we put plastic on the windows in the winter. I put double-sided tape on the back along all 4 outer edges.
Add tape
Then I just pressed the cork into the door. I held it there for a moment to make sure it stuck really well and didn't fall down. I will say it has been holding great for over a month now.
Cork adhered to door.
Now, if you want to get real fancy, I suppose I could of trimmed it out or something. I didn't think it needed that. I did however hastily write a note to say what is suppose to go on this notepad. Now we open the door, and either take the notepad down and write on it, or if your tall like Daddy, he just writes on it in the cabinet. I can remove the pages as I log it, and then if there is still room on the page, I can pin it back up. The push pins and the notepad I had laying around.
Ready for totallying harvest.
When all is said and done, this project has worked really well. It is nice to have a spot to keep track of things. Best part is the fact that it was all made with found materials, so there was NO COST at all to the projects and all told, took maybe 5 minutes. Those are my kinds of projects.

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