Monday, September 16, 2013

A day alone

With Pooka now in big girl school with brother, I occasionally find myself home alone with just the animals. I will not say it is comfortable yet, but it does me good to keep busy when they are gone. This particular day, I wasn't as good at keeping busy, but I did decide to get to work on preserving some of the herbs. I went outside to the front bed and brought in all of this. Over an ounce of hot peppers to make siracha-cha-cha (Pooka has a little dance she does whenever someone says siracha), herbs to dry and 15+ ounces of basil. I did save some purple basil as well to make Purple Pesto for Pooka (those leaves are in the measuring cup).
A short days work. 

I ended up making 2 bags of nut-less pesto since we do have a nut allergy in the family. I am hoping this will become a go to meal for when we forget to thaw dinner. It sadly tends to happen in spurts.
More herbs dry. Not necesarily these, 
I did get over an ounce of herbs dried. It wasn't these per say, but when you have seen one pile of herbs, they all look the same.
2 bags of pesto.
Out of the 15 ounces of herbs, we got a half quart of purple pesto and a quart of pesto. The purple pesto had already been in the freezer, and while I tried to lay it flat, I think it shifted on something. Now to cut back the basil outside before it frosts and make more. Sadly the siracha-cha-cha will have to wait till another day.

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