Monday, September 2, 2013

A simple trip into the garden

Everytime we walk outside, Pooka finds at least one caterpillar "friend" that we need to raise. In fact, the other day I walked outside just to take some pictures of the 5 color pepper plants, and we came inside with 5 new friends. I think the "nursery" house as Pooka calls it is looking a bit crowded.
Can I post a no vacancy sign?
I was able to move one cocoon to the hatching pen, but really, 5 more friends. Some were very tiny, like this little guy. I still have no idea how Pooka saw him hiding on a dill plant.
Itty bitty black dot - I mean caterpillar
But at least we got to release Sabooga. Pooka was sad to see him go, but she was okay with it overall. Although I think her new caterpillar names are just trying to see how weird she can make them.
Bye Sabooga. Good luck in the wild
At least this means that Pooka has the butterfly habitat thing figured out and will be a huge help when we do her school garden. Until then, Excuse me while I help a Pooka feed her caterpillars.

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