Sunday, September 22, 2013


We made siracha from our 5 color Chinese peppers the other night. This was a trial batch to see if we even like it before we invest into making more of it. Before I tell you how we made it, I do want to admit that we no longer call siracha well, siracha. Pooka decided that every time someone says the word siracha, then she breaks out dancing while saying "siracha-cha-cha." It is a very elegant little dance, which does remind me of some of my professional dancer friends. To start we took about 4 oz of hot peppers, which made about a 1/4 batch from a recipe I found here.
5 color Chinese Peppers
These peppers were chopped and mostly seeded and placed in a pot with some vinegar, salt and garlic. I will say the smell was a bit strong. Not too bad, but it did remind us to be careful. Also, please remember when using hot peppers to wear gloves.  
Cooking it down
Once they had cooked a bit, we tried using our immersion blender. The liquid level was a bit low for this, so instead we put it in the blender/grinder attachment for the stick blender. This worked quite well, but make sure when your done blending, you give it a few minutes after blending to allow everything to settle again before removing it from the blender.
Peppers all blended up
Then it was pour into a jar. Daddy said it tasted like siracha-cha-cha if it is a bit orange. Had we waited till we had enough red peppers, it would be more of a red color. However, we decided to try it before all the peppers were red, so our siracha-cha-cha is more of an orange color. If Daddy likes this, we may be planting more 5 color chinese peppers next year to give Daddy a whole year worth of siracha-cha-cha.
Finished Siracha-cha-cha

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