Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunflower seeds anyone

Over a couple of weeks, I started to harvest sunflowers. Whatever was making a meal of the sunflower seeds was not leaving that many seeds for us. So we decided to do something we have never done before, harvest the heads and then let the seeds dry in the garage.
Sunflowers are being eaten
I will say we had sunflowers EVERYWHERE. They were hung on tool racks with the garlic and the coriander (both of which need dealt with as well). We hung up the two really good sized flowers from the mammoth sunflowers. Sadly, we didn't get many sunflowers from these since the critters seem to love the taste of them. 
Things drying out to be saved
We also had bags and bags of sunflowers sitting on Daddy's table saw. We are letting them dry, but we should have plenty of seeds for us, for the school's butterfly garden and some to eat. We will probably even have enough for swapping like we did last year. I know Pooka's Aunts love sunflower seeds. I guess I need to figure out what the price of sunflower seed for seeds are, as well as the price of roasted sunflower seeds. I think this year is our last year having bought sunflower seeds.
Bags of sunflowers
Although I have a feeling we will need to deal with these soon since Daddy seems to want his table saw back. Pooka is so lucky to have a very understanding Daddy.

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