Thursday, September 19, 2013


Doing our evening walk down of the garden Monday night, Pooka found her largest tomato (that we have recorded), yet. It was just sitting there, on the vine in full view. I thought for sure we would have to dig for a good sized one. This is it sitting in a regular cereal bowl for size.
Big tomato in a cereal bowl
While I will admit our tomatoes this year have been on the small side. I think part of it is they are too close, and part of it is we have not been as great about watering this year. However, we have had a decent harvest, and I think next year will be better if we thin out the tomatoes. This is our big 12+ oz tomato next to one of our regular tomatoes. If I could show you the look on Pooka's face when she realized the big tomato was bigger then both her hands together, it was priceless. Here is to hoping for more good sized tomatoes.
Regular tomato vs. Big tomato

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