Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sharing the bounty (of caterpillars and knowledge)

Pooka is a very giving creature. I see am so lucky and happy to be able to see this almost daily.

She is adjusting to kindergarten in her own way. She is making friends and adjusting to being with so many people for so long very well. The other day she asked if she could take some of the caterpillars up to the school to share with her friends. I thought it was a great idea (and was glad to see some of them leave the house), but reminded her I had to ask her teacher. Fortunately, her teacher loved the idea. They normally learn about caterpillars and butterflies in the spring, but was more then willing to let Pooka give the class a jump start. She even told me that Pooka was a very good "little teacher" the day she brought her caterpillars walking them up and down the rows so all her friends could see them and answering their questions.These caterpillars have even been helpful in the room as a "calming presence" for some of the kids when they need a minute to recollect themselves.
I swear there are 2 in here that went to school
Pooka's giving spirit is also seen in her desire to help at the school. They have a butterfly garden that sadly has become a bit overgrown. Her friend K's mom asked if we would be willing to make it a "2 family" project to rip it all out and rebuild. Pooka immediately said they could have some of the Pooka sunflower seeds and some of her milkweed seeds. She then told K's mom and I that we need to plant dill, carrots and parsley for the Black swallowtails. I did wonder briefly if this was another way for Pooka to work on "training my butterflies to come when I call." What she will be calling them for is only in her head, and hopefully not some butterfly army. But all in all, she is already excited to give back to her school and not let it just be "Brother's Big Kid school."

In what seems pre-determined destiny, this is the first year the school has decided to have a Garden club. Do I even have to tell you how quickly I was asked about it after Pooka found out? It does involve some parental involvement (which didn't bother me since people joked I lived up there BEFORE Pooka was in school there.) The first meeting is Tuesday for Pooka so hopefully she enjoys it and it encourages her to make more new friends.

I am always happy to watch Pooka grow and mature, but to see her so excited to find her own place. Now I can only hope with her love of learning, she continues to love school past the first 2 weeks.

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