Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A gift for Pooka

Pooka saw her Grandma K this last week. Grandma K and Pooka get along wonderfully even if Pooka was trying to tell Grandma K what she should be planting around her house. Pooka was asking about some of Grandma K's statues and Grandma K gave Pooka this little fellow.
A gift for Pooka
 Pooka has decided his name is Ribbit. Hes a cute little guy that Pooka made sure to take good care of when we brought him home. In fact, as soon as Ribbit came out of the suitcase, he was the first thing she had to put away. (She had checked the garden the minute she got out of the car).
Welcome home
Ribbit now lives next to her black eyed susans. I am not sure which is protecting which, but she decided he looked really good there and that is where he will be living for awhile. Pooka can't wait to show her friends what her Grandma K gave her. All Grandma K asked is that Pooka think of her when she looks at it. I am sure that will happen quite a bit. Thank you Grandma K for everything.

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