Saturday, August 10, 2013

Helping out

Yesterday, Daddy brought home another tomato plant for Pooka. While I know it is another plant, this one has a story. Pooka's gave her Great Grandmother a tomato plant for Mother's day. Great Grandma has not been feeling very well this spring and summer and realize the other day that the tomato plant was suffering a bit from neglect. Normally, we wouldn't care, but Great Grandma didn't want Pooka to be upset if the plant died and Great Grandma realized she was not able to get to the plant to even pick her tomatoes.
Great Grandma's tomato plant
Great Grandma asked me if Pooka could raise her tomato plant. Since we had planted it in a pot to begin with (and hopefully make it easier for Great Grandma to get to) I agreed. It wasn't looking too bad we it got home, but you could tell it needed a bit of TLC. We pruned off some of the dead branches and it is looking much better. Pooka asked if we could make sure to give Great Grandma a tomato every time we see her so she won't miss her plant. Judging by what didn't survive transport, I think that is going to be very possible. These fell off on their own when we got it out of the car.

Casualties of the move

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