Friday, August 16, 2013

Seeds seeds everywhere

The milkweed pods have started blowing their little seeds around, which meant Pooka and I started harvesting the seeds, especially since I don't want milkweed growing everywhere.
Milkweed ready for harvest
First we cut the little pods off once they show signs of being read. This generally is the pod either opening up a bit, or bits of white fuzz hanging out. I wish I had better knowledge of when they are ready besides the seeds getting away, but I don't.
Seeds all lined up and ready to go
Here you see one that is ready for harvest. The seeds have this nice brown color to them, and they are all lined up. Pooka said "I love the texture of them, and they look pretty too." Next I get the brown paper bag of seeds and hand it to Pooka. Once we have it split open a bit, Pooka gets to put the pod in the bag.
Seed removal
Once the pod is in the bag, Pooka gets to put her fingers in the pod and drop the seeds into the bag. There is ton of white fuzz like you would see on a dandlelion, so do not do this if you have anything sticky on you hands. (I made that mistake after handling a sunflower. I looked like a yeti with the amount of fuzz on my hands). I am leaving the seeds in their until next year, but I may let Pooka plant one or two not just to make sure they are viable. They probably won't flower, but she will know they are there.
Weird yellow dots
I found these little yellow dots all over the milkweed. Apparently they are an aphid that really likes milkweed. Lovely, now to find another way to get rid of the buggers.

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