Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting closer

The tomatillo plants are filling out. Pooka eyes them daily wondering when she can finally harvest. I keep telling her it should be soon, but we have to wait till papery skin pulls back from the fruit. Pooka is waiting anxiously for the day she can start making green salsa.

Tomatillos on the plant
We had a couple of tomatillos fall off the plant during a storm one night, but there wasn't much to actually call a harvest.  Pooka wanted to try these, but I told her they probably didn't taste right.
Almost a harvest
Daddy has already consented that we will probably be growing tomatillos next year, and that Pooka consistantly drools over the purple tomatillo seeds she has seen in stores. We have already talked about picking them up soon so Pooka can grow them next year. Then we will be making Salsa Purpura instead of Salsa Verde.

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