Sunday, August 11, 2013

Red and Blue and Purple

A while back, we harvested the red tomatoes. They had begun to dry out and fall over. Sounded like a good time to harvest them to me.  They were not the biggest of things, but we would use them. We laid them out to dry on Daddy's table saw, and about a week ago, I finally got around to pulling the dried greens off.
Dried and ready to go.
The harvest did look a lot smaller when all was said and done. But they are onions and we will use them. I will say it has been nice not having to buy onions in like 2 weeks. All told, the final harvest of red onion was 44.5 oz or 2.78 lbs. Not too bad. We made our money back on them which is all we asked for. Next year we are going to space them out a bit more, as well as amend the bed better. At least this proves we can grow them.
Most of the final Red Onion harvest (we did eat some before hand)
Speaking of harvests, do you remember the blue potato harvest? Brother was happy we had blue potatoes, but I will say I was rather disappointed. They were small and not what I was expecting. However, Brother was happy and that is all we could ask.

Blue potato harvest.
What did we do with such small potatoes, we cut them up into small chunks. This is where you can really see the coloring of the potatoes. Although I do admit they look more purple in the picture.

Sliced and diced
The chopped potatoes were roasted with just some butter, garlic and onion. Made a great side dish one night to go with a fresh picked salad. Brother ate his potatoes with complaining and actually asked for seconds. A rare feat indeed since he hates any potatoes that are not French fries. We are  going to try them again next year, but if for no other reason than to have Brother eat one dinner of blue (PURPLE as pooka still contends) potatoes without a fight. Maybe then we will get enough to make him blue French fries.
Garlic Blue potatoes

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