Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pooka and the nursery

A week ago, Pooka decided to spend her money. We went out to the store to see if she could find a toy she liked, but she didn't see anything she wanted. When we got home, she asked if I  could take her to the nursery to spend her money. I asked if her is was sure and she said "Yes, I want to buy something at the nursery."

We went to the nursery on a Friday. The nursery staff know us on sight and asked if we were back for our "weekly field trip " Pooka told me to look for milkweed to attract more butterflies, but couldn't find anything. Nor could she find anything she wanted in the veggies or herbs. They were on sale, but rather picked over. Pooka went back to one of the nursery employees and asked "Do you have any plants that will attract good bugs like butterflies?" 

Black eyed susan
The nursery person was a bit taken aback by a child so young knowing that question. She asked Pooka if she wanted a plant that came back year after year, or would only be for this year. Pooka told her she wanted one that would come back year after year. She took Pooka to look at the black eyed susans. Pooka checked with me if she had enough money to buy one and I told her she did. 

As we walked back, Pooka mentioned she had been looking for milkweed. The staff said they had pulled them that day because they were getting to hard to water, but she would take Pooka in the back if she wanted one and would charge Pooka a quarter each. Pooka was very excited so we went back and she found 2 4-packs she wanted. One was still flowering but most had gone to seed. The lady at the nursery told Pooka if she lets the seed pods dry out, then she can save the seeds for next year. 

Pooka's haul, milkweed and black eyed susans
They ended up not charging Pooka for any of the milkweed and telling Pooka to come back in 10 years and they could give her a job. I only worry she may not have a paycheck if she works at a nursery. Pooka came home and told me she was going to plant her plants "all by myself, you can sit on the porch and watch." She laid them out in the garlic bed. Her milkweed was spread throughout the bed.
Laying out her purchase
Pooka then planted all of her plants by herself. I still need to go through and rinse off the sidewalk, but she is happy, and her black eyed susan was planted in a place the garlic didn't do well, but the susans should be happy back there. If we need to we can move them next year, but I think they should be okay there. Pooka is just happy to have done it all by herself and she was a big girl.
Pooka's plantings

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