Saturday, August 17, 2013

Purple Peppers

The purple peppers are very pretty looking, and are fairly small, so they look innocent. They are not. In fact, we tried these recently and Pooka is not allowed to try them. I swear I think my tongue started bleeding. Daddy on the other hand loves hot peppers, and he admitted they are a bit hot to eat by themselves. We have been subjecting them to people we know who keep saying they love spicy things. At least it is a good laugh.
I will admit we picked them when the peppers are purple. They eventually turn red, so we are waiting to see if they get hotter or milder when they mature, so we are waiting for one to turn red and Daddy will try it again then. Until then, the Purple, to cream, to yellow, to orange to red makes a great coloring in the front yard, if you could see them around the basil plants.
We have found that Daddy likes them put in a refrigerator Garlic Dill pickle we make. He said they gave them a bit of a tang, but could actually use a 3rd one into a 1/2 pint jar. That jar barely lasted an hour before Daddy and Uncle M had eaten them all. We also just put them in some salsa, so hopefully they are good like that. We may even try making our own hot pepper flakes with the dehydrator. Nothing will go to waste if I can help it.

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