Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yesterday, Pooka and I walked outside and were surprised by the sunflowers. Now generally, we plant the sunflowers and forget them. In fact, we don't even water them much, but we were amazed at how well they were doing this year. Some are over 12 ft tall, but what amazed us more was all the different ways the sunflowers had bloomed.
Velvet Queen
Pooka's new red sunflowers had bloomed. They are a bit shorter then the others, but still a good 6 feet tall. She loves the red look of them and the fact that they are different. We all know Pooka loves things to be different.
Here you can see the varying heights of the sunflowers. That velvet queen looks so tiny compared to the mammoth next to it.
Tiny flowers
 We have giant sunflowers, but this was just the cutest little sunflowers. They are hidden under another sunflower, but they have the smallest heads. At least I think they are sunflowers.
 I am assuming this one came from the velvet sunflowers seeds. This is not quite what we were expecting, but it gives a nice color and surprise to everything. If we go off of just Pooka seeds next year, we may have some very interesting results.

This is our biggest sunflower. The bloom is bigger than my hand. Forgive the horrible angle, it is so big, it has fallen over a bit and I had to climb underneath it to get a picture.

I am curious on what kind of seeds we will be able to save from all these flowers. I think its a great experiment in genetics and to teach Pooka with. She wants to see what kind of sunflowers she will get next year, maybe multi headed, colored giants?

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