Thursday, August 29, 2013


Pooka has always loved her pretty purple peppers. She knows she is not allowed to eat them, but she loves the vibrant purple color of them.She has waited and wondered what other colors they may have.

Purple peppers
Her wait is over. Yesterday she was walking through the garden and screamed "It's red Mommy, The pepper turned red." Sure enough, one of her peppers had finally turned red. The rest of the bush shows all the other colors the peppers turned. Now to see if the when they turn red if they get any milder. That is a test for Daddy

Lots of colors


  1. My plant has mainly purple peppers on it, but a couple of them have started to turn cream-colored. I never tried it at the purple stage, but I supposed that between those peppers, and my jalapenos, I should get going on making salsa. Let us know what flavor the red ones have! :)


    1. Okay, trying yet again, Something does not want me replying. To answer you question, The red peppers are just as hot, however, they seem to have a slightly less persistant burn to them. We are actually going to try making siracha out of them soon. Although the 5 color peppers did work well in Salsa. Supposedly another name for these things is Chinese lanterns.