Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yellow onion harvest

Last Thursday, we pulled the last of the onions. As you can see, they had all pretty much fallen over and were drying out. A couple had flowers, but even they weren't still standing.
Daddy pulled the first few and they are a bit bigger then the red onions. I really think they got so long because we had them too close together. For our first year, I don't think we did all that bad.
Test pull of onions
The onions are sitting in the garage drying. I don't have a firm harvest total on them yet. I am waiting for them to dry and to be able to pull off the greens before I weigh them. Now to find a way to store all of these.
Onions drying


  1. Clean panty hose, drop an onion in, make a knot. Rinse, repeat

    1. I may actually buy panty hose. *Smirk* Actually, the onions are not lasting very long since they are smaller. All the reds went into the rainbow salsa, and some of the white. I need to finish cleaning them off for storage.