Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another mystery.

Saturday Morning, we had a bit of a surprise. Pooka and I were about to leave to do some errands and she noticed what she called a "giant yellow spider" in her basil. I went to investigate.

The yellow spider
As I headed that way, I saw lots of debris on the ground. It looked like some sort of plant had a rough night. Now the night before was a fairly normal night, but I do remember hearing a small thud, but attributed it to the cats.
debris everywhere

Apparently, it was a sunflower. This wouldn't be the first time we had a sunflower fall over, so I grabbed Pooka from the car and got out our plant tape and shears to tie it back up.
Once the sunflower was standing once more, I noticed this little mess. Looks like something likes our sunflower seeds.
Someone is a very messy eater
It was eating out of the giant sunflower next to the one that fell. Best answer I have gotten is something climbed the smaller sunflower to eat off this guy, and at some point the sunflower couldn't hold whatever it was and it fell, sending our little friend with it. Fortunately, there wasn't any damage that couldn't be fixed. We did lose one branch on the Thai basil, but nothing else. Hopefully our little friend learned a lesson, but since that giant sunflower is missing more seeds since this picture, I doubt it. At least the plants are a bit studier now.
Dinner for 1 I hope

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